Fair Play Model


As in all team sport environments, playing time is a topic that is extremely important to athletes and parents. The Dartmouth Volleyball Club strives to reinforce the belief of  FAIR PLAY and that every member of a team is valued - therefore each individual deserves the opportunity to contribute to the success of the team. Players who value and adopt the club’s philosophy will get fair playing time. Dartmouth Volleyball Club commits itself to embracing this model in order to allow each player to balance their abilities and gain valuable skills and confidence while allowing the team to be competitive. 


Actions that could reduce playing time:


•    Absences – unexcused absences from practices and/or tournaments;


•    Lack of focus and dedication – A player who does not demonstrate commitment and focus and who does not put their full effort into the practice and/or game; 


•    Poor sportsmanship – manifestation of disrespect towards teammates, coaches, opponents, officials and/or anyone else


•    Attitude – a player who does not follow the key concept of positivity