Becoming a Coach


  • Volunteer volleyball coaches work in teams (Coach / Assistant Coach / Team Manager)- 3 year expiry) criminal record check & child abuse

  • The team will work in conjunction with and have the support of the volunteer Board of directors.

  • All personnel interacting with athletes in the club and/or on the bench at must have submitted a valid (3-year expiry) criminal record check & child abuse registry check to VNS PRIOR to interacting with youth in our club.

  • Coaches will be supported with their expenses and certification upgrades as outlined in the DVC Coaches’ Expense Reimbursement Policy

  • Coaches will receive an honorarium at the end of the season.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of Volunteer Head Coaches:

  • Knowledge of the game of volleyball as a player and a coach. 

  • Able to demonstrate proper techniques. 

  • Enjoy teaching children/youth.

  • Certified Development coach (or working towards the certification) for levels 13U - 16U and Certified Advanced Development Coach for levels 17U and 18U


Expectations of DVC Coach Volunteers:

  • Adhere to DVC’s Commitment to Responsible Coaching\Abide by the DVC Coach Code of Conduct 

  • Provide a safe playing environment with an emergency action plan for each site.

  • Use the Volleyball Canada Practice format to plan, organize and lead practices held two to three times a week. 

  • Help players establish short and long-term goals 

  • Develop players’ skills along with teaching teamwork and sportsmanship. 

  • Take care of volleyball supplies.


A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” 

John Wooden .

If you are interested in becoming a coach for Dartmouth Volleyball Club, please contact: