Club Responsibilities and Philosophy

The Club is Responsible for:

  • Providing a safe, healthy and positive sport environment for youth participants;

  • Teaching and reinforcing the fundamentals of volleyball, life skills, sportsmanship and leadership; 

  • Identifying roles and responsibilities for all levels of volunteers, parents and players;

  • Encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship; 

  • Ensuring the respect of opponents, officials and coaches is valued by all of its players and parents;

  • Offering an affordable and reasonable cost structure while ensuring the club is financially responsible and properly registered;

  • Offering advanced skills and techniques for those athletes who wish to play at the next level. 


This club is founded on the belief that players will best be served by immersing them into an environment that cultivates a long-term love of the game. Healthy competition is good – however this club does not believe in winning at all costs and will make a strong effort to include all. While winning is evidently a primary objective, this club is dedicated foremost to ensuring that all involved have an open mind that participation, development, improvement, sportsmanship, and respect ultimately provides the majority of players enjoyment, as well as club growth and success.

Key Concepts that will be reinforced at this club:

  • Safety – player safety and concern above all


  • Respect – valuing teammates, coaches, opponents and officials through healthy competition


  • Teamwork - working with teammates to achieve greatness


  • Fun - enjoy, and foster a love of the game


  • Focus & dedication - necessary for improvement and success – each individual gives the best


  • Positive attitude and environment – positivity trumps negativity


  • Fair play – everyone is a key component to the success of the team 

Parent Responsibilities

An open and responsive governing structure is proposed in order to allow parents to address any concerns and/or questions they may have. Parents will have the opportunity to communicate with their Team Manager, Coach and/or Board of Directors as their roles and responsibilities will be clearly identified.

These channels of communication are proposed to ensure that all issues and questions are addressed appropriately in a timely manner.


We ask that parents set a great example by following the club's philosophy during club activities. Parents are encouraged to support their children in a positive and appropriate manner - Parents are asked not to get too emotionally involved or tied to: winning or losing, playing time, coaching decisions and actions taken by opponents and officials