January 2021

January 15, 2021

Our 13U-18U Programs are now full! Thank you for everyone's interest; we are now at capacity and in "full swing".

For Atomics and House Leage play, we still have room for players who wish to join us. Please head over to the Registration page for more info. Thank you!

December 2020

December 22, 2020

Update to open positions are posted on here and the Registration page! Also, look there for House League and Atomics 2021 registration.

Girls program: There were 10 open positions remaining for 13U girls. Thank you for your interest to play.

Boys program: There are still several positions open at each age level. The expression of interest form can be found here.

December 1, 2020

Open positions are posted!

Expression of interest form is no longer available.

November 2020

November 29, 2020

Due to the newly legislated COVID restrictions, VNS has changed the dates for the Open Signing Period. The new dates are as follows:

Open Signing Period - November 25, 2020 to January 5, 2021

In-person Tryout Period - January 7, 2021 to January 17, 2021

November 23, 2020

The DVC girls and boys programs are announcing openings for the following squads:


We are forming larger squads this season to ensure lots of gameplay within the squad following COVID safety protocols.  If you are interested in playing with DVC, please complete the appropriate form. We will get back to you before the try-out period.


Please note that we are paying close attention to the pandemic situation and will update this website with any changes to our program as required.

In Other News:

DVC will be running an Atomic Program for players in grades 3 - 6 on Sunday mornings beginning in January. Stay tuned to this spot for more information in December.


DVC will be running a House League on Fridays for grades 8 - 12.  It will be a fun night of inter-squad volleyball to keep your skills sharp. Watch this spot for more details in December.


Hey, grade 6 and 7 girls!  DVC will be running a 13U program on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  If you are interested, complete this form and we will get back to you in December with more details.

November 15, 2020

From our Program Director:

We are excited about the upcoming 2021 season!  Like all clubs, we are awaiting confirmation of facilities booking before we will be able to know exactly how many teams we can run. In the meantime, Volleyball Nova Scotia (VNS) has updated their Try-Out Window information and we are following their protocols.  To learn more about this, please click this link and here is where you can find the age categories.   


This week, November 16 - 23, we will be sending out re-signing letters to some of our athletes from past seasons.  Should the athlete re-sign, this guarantees a spot on one of our teams. 


The week of November 25 - December 3, we will advertise how many spots are available for each team and athletes can then contact us (a form will be provided on this website) to express their interest in playing for a specific team.  If we still have spots left after this process, we will have Open Try-Outs the week of December 6 - 16.


AtomicsWe will also be running our mini/atomic program (grades 3 - 6) on Sunday mornings beginning in January

Skills Programs: We will be running two skills programs and one House League. 


House league players will be on house teams and will play other house teams once a week, always the same night.

Again, we are still in the process of confirming gym allocations, so we ask for your patience as we work through the coordination required. More information will be posted here as it becomes available


November 1, 2020

Your Board of Directors has been announced! 

President: Dave Sliming

Vice-President:  Kim Pitre 

Director of Finance: Dave Penney

Assistant Director of Finance: Paul Derby 

Secretary: Janet Rhymes

Equipment: Kim Pitre 

Registrar:  Christopher Norman

Communications: Christopher Norman

Director of Programs Girls: Donna Gillespie

Director of Program Boys:  Keeley Brost

Facilities booking:  Hillary Hommy

Member at Large: Jennifer Mosgrove

Member at Large: Erin Fair

Member at Large: Scott Decoste

Member at Large: Ruth-Ellen Jackson

November 1, 2020

Your Annual General Meeting (AGM) link is available! Hope to see you there: 

Topic: DVC AGM

Time: Nov 1, 2020 19:00 / 07:00 PM Atlantic Daylight Time (Halifax)

October 2020

October 14, 2020

Annual General Meeting update!


Sunday, November 1st, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

FIRST EVER Virtual Annual General Meeting

Link to be made available on October 31st

  • Board Members will be elected at this time, new volunteers always welcome. 

  • New candidates may forward their nomination for any Board position to Dave Sliming prior to 6:00 PM Sunday, November 1

We are currently searching to fill the position of Program Coordinator. To any/all interested, please click the link for the position description and contact Dave Sliming

September 2020

September 15, 2020

Sadly DVC will not be able to run any Skills Programming this Fall due to the HRCE/HRM closing their schools to external groups. We rely heavily on the use of the gyms in these schools to run a successful club.


Please check back in November for information on placement sessions for Winter Tournament Teams and Winter Skills Programming.

Girls Program:

14U = 9 spots


16U = 5 spots

18U =  10 spots

Interested in playing? Fill out this form for playing with the girls' program.

Boys Program:

14U = 10 spots over 2 teams


16U = 6 spots over 2 teams

18U = 6 spots over 2 teams


Interested in playing? Fill out this form for playing with the boys' program.

Girls Program - open positions:

13U: 0 / 28 positions

14U: 0 / 24 positions

16U: 0 / 24 positions

18U: 0 / 18 positions

Boys Program - open positions:

14U: 0 / 16 open positions

16U: 0 / 24 open positions 

18U: 0 / 24 open positions 

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