Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  When do you hold team try-outs?


A:  DVC holds “team placement sessions” in early December, at the official end of the senior high school volleyball season.  We call them “team placements” because we find a spot for everybody who wants to play, whether that is on a tournament team, or in our House League. * Note 1 below


Q:  We missed the team placement sessions.  Can we still play?


A:  Once the tournament teams are set (December 20 – 21), we do not have placements to offer to newcomers.  However, if there is room in one of the House League programs, we will place new players there.


Q:  How do you determine who goes on each team?


A:  DVC uses a 4-point scoring system for basic skills:  serving, passing, digging, setting, and attacking.  Players are also scored for their team play: communication, movement, and court sense.  At least four coaches are observing and scoring the players during the team placement sessions. We then use these scores along with the input of the head coaches to create the teams.


Q:  What is the difference between a tournament team and House League?


A:  Tournament Teams are the teams that practice two or three times a week and attend tournaments on weekends.  These teams also participate in Volleyball Nova Scotia Provincials in April.  House League is a skills-based program.  Players have practice once per week and work on developing their fundamental skills, as well as team play.  Players in House League do not participate in tournaments nor provincials, but do build their skills and have a lot of fun.


Q:  How do I know what “tier” the team is?


A:   For the 15U, 16U, 17U and 18U age groups, VNS will be running three “Super Series” tournaments. The results of these tournaments will determine a team’s ranking for Provincials. For the 13U and 14U age groups, the tournaments throughout the season will help the coaches determine the Tier for entry into the Provincial Championships.


Q:  What is Triple Ball?  What age groups play this format?


A:  Triple Ball is a slight variation on the game that allows for many more rallies and skill development of the players in the 13U and 14U age divisions.  The goal of Triple Ball is to promote better skill development, participation, meaningful competition and fun. The game follows a sequence of three rallies (service, free ball 1, and free ball 2).  It is very enjoyable to play and to watch and has a proven record of increasing skill.
















Q:  Why do the tournament team players have to purchase their own volleyball?


A:  In order to get better at a skill, it takes practice.  Coaches will frequently give players “homework” - skills they can practice at home (without breaking the light fixtures) and for this, they need their own volleyballs.  The more “correct” touches on the ball, the better skilled they will become.


Q:  Where can I buy volleyball knee pads, shorts, shoes, etc.?


A:  You can purchase shoes and knee pads at local sports stores such as Sportswheels and online through various stores like


Q: How many teams does DVC have?


A: We have been steadily building in numbers. This season (2019) we will have the following teams:

  • Mini-volleyball (grades 3 and 4) boys and girls

  • Atomic Volleyball (grades 5 – 6) boys and girls

  • House League (grades 6 – 10) boys and girls

  • 13U tournament (2) girls

  • 14U tournament (2) girls

  • 14U tournament team (2) boys

  • 15U tournament (2) girls

  • 16U tournament (2) girls

  • 16U tournament (2) boys

  • 17U tournament (1) girls **if numbers warrant

  • 18U tournament (1) girls

  • 18U tournament (1) boys


Q:  How can I volunteer with the club?


A:  DVC is a volunteer run club and cannot function without the support of parents and other community members. If you would like to volunteer as a coach, team manager or board member, please contact us through the website or our club president.


Note 1: DVC may, at its discretion, deny placement to a prospective participant for reasons including but not limited to outstanding arrears on their DVC account, previous violation(s) of DVC codes of conduct, notice of prior or current sanctions by any other athletic federation or organization, or unacceptable proof of age or residency.