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DVC is pleased to accept the following payment methods for all Club fees:

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex)

  • e-Transfer to:, be sure to include your child's name and their team/session they are registered in


Due to continued Club growth and the associated logistics, DVC is unable to accept Cash or cheques as payment for club fees.

100% of registration fees as well as applicable ball fees (see below) are due on the registration date of the applicable Fall/Winter/Spring Program commencement. Tournament Team registration dates are included on our offer letter to players.


Families with financial constraints are encouraged to check out the “Financial Support” section which follows. If you require any assistance to complete any outstanding paperwork required, please contact our DVC Treasurer. 


Due to insurance regulations, as well as various Volleyball Nova Scotia (VNS) requirements, players will NOT be permitted on the court until the registration fees have been paid in full.  


Families potentially unable to meet the payment requirements above are asked to consult in confidence with DVC Treasurer or Club President Kim Pitre. Please contact us via email at or prior to the specified registration dates.

Refunds:  Unfortunately, registration fees, once submitted, are non-refundable. DVC incurs various up-front expenses based on registration numbers which are non-recoverable. 

Family Discounts: DVC is pleased to offer a discount on Winter Program fees to families with more than one child participating. For families with more than one participant residing at the same address, the DVC offers a flat 20% discount (excludes ball fee) for the second and each subsequent family member.  

Ball Fee:  All players playing on a tournament team are required to have their own official volleyball (13U-15U - Mikasa VQ200W-CAN or 16U-18U - Mikasa V200W).  This is the only ball allowed by Volleyball Nova Scotia, and players are expected to bring their balls to all practices and tournaments. It has been our experience that a player very rarely loses their ball, however, it is strongly recommended that the player have their name and “DVC” inscribed on their ball. Players who do not have a ball can either purchase their own ball or purchase one through DVC. We charge approximately $65 to $80 (price subject to change based on suppliers) which is our bulk purchase cost, no markup. Players purchasing one through DVC must make payment during registration. 

Jersey Deposit: Currently DVC does not require a Jersey Deposit.

Financial Support

DVC encourages qualified families to seek out assistance from third-party support programs such as “KidSport” or “Jumpstart”. While families will need to file their own applications directly as these organizations will not work through an intermediary, the DVC Treasurer is available to guide people through the process as required.  

Please note families seeking financial support must obtain approval from the DVC Treasurer before a player will be allowed on the court. The club requires confirmation that a financial support application has been filed and is in process prior to permitting a player to participate in Club activities.  All Financial information is held in strict confidence by the DVC Treasurer and President, however specific situations may be discussed at the DVC Board level if special circumstances require. Please note that Players/Families are responsible for any portion of fees not covered by third-party programs.


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