DVC Team Fitness Training



Athletes of all ages and abilities now demand more than general fitness programs. They want sport conditioning: functional and athletic training aimed at greater strength, power, speed, agility, coordination and balance.


At Core Essentials we offer individual, small group and team sport conditioning programs. We use techniques which build a foundation of core strength, joint stability and functional fitness; while also promoting a lifestyle philosophy of health and fitness.


We have one mission: the relentless pursuit of excellence. This elite level of fitness can be achieved by maximizing competence in the following fitness domains:



  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance

  • Stamina                                                   

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Power

  • Speed

  • Coordination

  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Accuracy


Your sport conditioning training program will reflect the particularity of your sport. We will assess the needs of your sport, your position and your individual potential and deliver a training cycle from non-competitive season to peak-season that will see you excel to your true potential.