2016/2017 Registration 


Information on Team Placements can be found on our 'Current' DVC News page

Registration Fee (3 practices per week and one fitness training session per week): TBA (approximately) 

Registration Fee (2 practices per week): TBA (approximately)

Uniform Jersey Deposit: $60 (post dated cheque only, dated for May 15th)

Regulation Mikasa MVA200 Volleyball (if not a returning Member): $65



100% of registration fees, ball fees (see below), and jersey deposits (see below) are due during the first week the Fall/Winter/Spring Program commences. Please refer to the “Payment Options” section for the various payment options offered by DVC. Families with financial constraints are encouraged to check out the “Financial Support” section.


Players will be notified by email of the exact date and time of collection. A DVC Board representative will be on hand at the start of the designated practice/session to collect all fees/deposits and complete any outstanding paperwork required.

Due to insurance regulations, as well as various Volleyball Nova Scotia (VNS) requirements, players will NOT be permitted on the court until the registration process has been completed and fees paid.


Please note that any outstanding fees from prior years MUST be paid in full before a player will be allowed to participate in any DVC programs.



To ease the strain on families and allow more youth the opportunity to play volleyball, DVC is pleased to offer the following 2 payment options:


  • A “One Time Payment” (cash or cheque) for 100% of the fees payable (includes membership fees and ball fees, if required). Cheques are to be dated for the registration date.


  • Two equal payments (winter program only).

    • First Payment (cash or cheque) equal to 50% of the membership fee plus 100% of the ball purchase (if required). Cheques are to be dated for the registration date.

    • Second payment (cheque only) equal to the remaining 50% of the membership fee. Cheques are to be provided at the time of registration but can be post-dated no later than February 1st. Families wishing to make the second payment in cash are responsible for contacting the DVC Treasurer prior to the February 1st deadline. After this date, the post-dated cheque will be processed.


At this time, the only 2 types of payments DVC can accept is “cash” or “cheque”. Our account does not permit electronic funds of any kind. We also do not accept credit cards. All cheques should be made payable to “Dartmouth Volleyball Club”.




Families struggling to meet the payment requirements above are strongly encouraged to contact the DVC Treasurer. Where possible, the club will try and work with the family to arrive at a mutually agreed to payment option.


DVC also encourages families to seek out assistance from third party support programs such as “Kids Sport” or “Jumpstart”. Families will need to file their own applications directly as these organizations will not work through an intermediary. However, the DVC Treasurer is available to guide people through the process.


Please note families seeking financial support MUST get approval from the DVC Treasurer before a player will be allowed on the court. The club requires proof that a financial support application has been filed and is in process.


All Financial information is held in strict confidence by the DVC Treasurer, but may be discussed at the Executive Board level, if special circumstances require. Information will NOT be shared with the remaining Board members nor any member or outside party of DVC.


4.    REFUNDS: 

Unfortunately, registration fees, once submitted, are non-refundable. DVC incurs various expenses based on registration numbers which are non-recoverable. Exceptions are for any ball fees (current season only) or jersey deposits. These will be returned when the ball and jersey are turned back into DVC


5.    NSF FEES: 

Cheques returned NSF will be subject by DVC to a $40.00 NSF charge on top of the amount still owing. Immediately upon notification of the NSF cheque, families are to make arrangements with the DVC Treasurer to expedite payment.

Failure to arrange payment will result in a player’s immediate suspension from club activities, and could result in losing their place on a tournament team.


Families should note that in addition to DVC incurring a charge by our bank, they will incur a charge (approximately $45) by their own bank. So it is strongly recommended that any family risking NSF fees contact the DVC Treasurer so as to make special arrangements (if possible).



DVC is pleased to offer a discount on Winter Program fees to families with more than one child participating. For families with more than one participant residing at the same address, the DVC offers a flat 20% discount on registration fees (excludes ball fee and jersey deposit) for the second and each subsequent family member.


7.    BALL FEE: 

All players participating in the Winter Program and playing on a tournament team are required to have their own official volleyball (Mikasac MVA 200). This is the only ball allowed by Volleyball Nova Scotia. Players are to bring their balls to all practices and tournaments. It has been our experience that a player very rarely loses their ball. It is also strongly recommended that the player have their name and contact number on the ball. Players who do not have a ball can either purchase their own Mikasac MVA 200 ball or purchase one though DVC. We charge approximately $65 (price subject to change based on suppliers) which is our cost, no markup. Players purchasing one through DVC must make payment during registration. Please refer to the “Payment Option” section.



All players participating in the winter program and playing on a tournament team will be assigned a team jersey. Prior to receiving the jersey, a “Jersey Deposit” is required. This is to be a post-dated cheque only (no cash), in the amount of $60 and dated May 15th. Players are responsible for their jersey and are to return them to the club after completion of Provincials. Cheques will only be cashed if a jersey is not returned. All other cheques will be destroyed.


Please Note:


DVC incurs several expenses including mandatory registration of players with Volleyball Nova Scotia (VNS), and this VNS registration includes required insurance coverage for DVC and its players. Therefore, to protect both DVC and all participants, The Board of Directors regretfully advises that this Season no player will be permitted to enter the Gym until fees have been paid in the manner described above.